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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I review a copy of the lease?

Please contact our office for a summary of our lease terms. Once a prospective resident has applied and been approved for a property, they can come in to our office and view the complete booklet of terms & conditions prior to signing the lease. We also email the terms and conditions a week prior to a scheduled lease signing.

Question: Can I tour the properties, and how do I set up and tour?

Our properties are available to tour during normal business hours. It is recommended to contact the leasing office to schedule a convenient day/time to verify that we have availability. We generally do not show any units that are occupied, or under heavy maintenance (painting, floor replacements, etc.) If a particular unit is the only floor plan that will be available, we will contact the current resident to determine if it can be toured. Current residents are not required to permit us to tour their unit with a prospective renter.

Question: Do you offer wait list options?

Yes, we do offer interested prospects a wait list option. During peak season (April - August) our wait lists generally require a $100 holding deposit, along with completed applications and a signed Future Resident agreement. This allows us to secure and hold a specific unit for you while waiting for the current resident to vacate. Holding deposits are later applied to the security deposit. They are typically non-refundable, unless we do not have a rental for you. Off Peak season (September - March) the wait lists are open for unit types that are not always available. This would include units with garages, unfinished basements, and our duplexes. During off peak we may not require the holding deposit, but will still require information from the prospective renter.

Question: Do you accept Section 8?

At this time we do not accept Section 8. Our properties are all market-rate conventional rentals.

Question: What is the housing ordinance in the City of Edwardsville regarding occupancy restrictions?

The City of Edwardsville has an ordinance that prohibits more than 3 unrelated individuals from occupying the same residents unless it can be proven that ALL occupants are related. Cherry Hills Properties also restricts the number of adults that can occupy certain units based on square footage and parking availability.

Question: Do you have any non-smoking properties?

All of our properties are becoming Non-Smoking! Effective November of 2016, we are working towards a Non-Smoking policy at all 5 of our property locations.

Question: What are some of the standard feature inside the homes?

Cherry Hills offers several features that are standard in all of our homes. The kitchen appliances, such as stove/oven, fridge/freezer, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and pantry. All homes are equipped with smoke detectors (4), washer/dryer hook-ups, GFCI receptacles for safety, and central air/heat. Parking is off-street, and garages are available at some locations.

Question: What do I need to do when I move out?

We will give you a statement that includes additional details and any amounts due through the end of the lease. The most important items are: putting in a change of address with the USPS to forward your mail, cancel any auto payments for utilities, take utilities out of your name, leave your apartment clean, pay all pro-rates and final bills, and be sure to return all keys (apartment, mailbox, pool) as well as any parking passes and/or garage remotes.

Question: Where do I have USPS, UPS, or FedEx Packages delivered?

If you have a package coming that is too large to fit in your mailbox, please know that UPS, USPS, and FedEx will deliver it to your front porch area. Packages are not permitted to be delivered to Cherry Hills Properties offices. If a signature is required the delivery service will leave a door tag and you will be able to make arrangements for delivery.

Question: What is the term of your leases?

Our standard leases are 12 month, and end on Sundays. If we have short-term options available, they will require a premium based on the length. For additional information on a less than a 12 month term, please inquire with the leasing staff.

Question: What do I do with a previous tenants mail?

Any mail you receive that belongs to a previous tenant, should be marked as "No longer at this address" and returned to the post office- or placed in the outgoing mail slot. Cherry Hills Properties is not permitted to forward mail.

Question: Who do I call for maintenance?

You call the main office @ 618.692.9310, anyone that answers the phone can schedule maintenance. You can also email your request to: office@cherry-hills.net and we will enter the work order promptly.

Question: What is the application fee?

$35 per adult over age 18 that will be on the lease.

Email Cherry Hills Properties

Report Maintenance Issues

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